Chan's Yum Cha has been creating restaurant quality yum cha products for more than 30 years. We've made it our mission to bring delicious, authentic and simple yum cha dishes into Australian homes for everyone to enjoy.



There are similarities between two of our brands, Chan's Yum Cha at Home and Chen's Dim Sum at Home.  In Australia and New Zealand, enjoying "dim sum" is often referred to as going to "Yum Cha"and therefore our brand, Chan's Yum Cha at Home is used in this region.  Worldwide except for Australia/New Zealand, our brand is known as Chen's Dim Sum at Home.



King of Kings

King of Kings brings the culinary experience of China to your home using the finest ingredients and adhering to age old recipes. Our range offers exceptional flavours, tastes and textures to provide you with the authentic cuisine of China for those who demand only the very best.






A Shanghai classic, these tasty soup dumplings (otherwise known as xiao long bao) are a sensational street food favourite. It's not hard to see why, when each delicious dumpling is filled with succulent pork, then delicately wrapped in soft dumpling pastry. Just steam them to piping hot perfection, and enjoy the soup - filled sensation that these incredible little morsels are famous for. Be careful though, they get seriously hot and seriously addictive!




TK Foods was founded in Taiwan in 1979.  
Famous for its block crispy cakes and other cookies, 
the recipe uses only high quality wheat to keep the original 
flavour.  TK Foods have a large range of bakery products.



LIAN pho bowl is a delicious and authentic Vietnamese Style Instant Rice Noodle in bowl. LIAN is known for its quality products which is made in Vietnam. This product is an instant pho bowl with beef flavor. Add hot water, sit for 3-5 min, and it’s ready to eat.




  Wing Wing Co. Ltd  

Wing Wing's recipe for sausages has been consistent for generations.

We continue to maintain a reliable approach of using the highest quality ingredients that have made our product successful for over 100 years.